Our Clients

A.G. Araja Construction and Development Corporation
Rustans Supercenters, Inc.(Rustan’s/Shopwise/Wellcome/Marketplace)
FORO Consulting Inc.
Armadillo Holdings, Inc.
Ithiel Corporation
JAGNUSTEN Corporation
United Cycle, Incorporated Luchu Industrial Park
LYFER Plumbing Contractor
Soosung, Incorporated
KennMark Plumbing
King’s Development, Incorporated
RD Environmental Services
A5 Alliance IMI
C.T. Onglao, Architects
TeleTech Customer Care Management Philippines, Inc.
FDPY Pipe Specialist Co.
Diseno Innovatev
F.L. Hong Architect & Associates
Building Blocks Construction, Inc.
Castan Plumbing Corporation
PBCom Tower
UFProtomartir Partners
AMH Philippines
Bedrock Realty and Development Corporation
Chameleon Design Group
Crown Jewel Properties, Inc.
New Pesa Metal Corporation
J.O. Maningas & Associates
Eduardo H. Tan & Associates
Palad Design Consultants
ASYA Design Partners
OCB + Associates Architects
Unitec Pipe Manufacturing Corporation
JECO Construction
LPPA Design Group, Inc.
Phinma Property Holdings Corporation
Atlanta Industries, Inc.
TKL Hardware & Construction Supply Corporation
Urdaneta Apartments Condominium Corporation
Buildingblocks Construction Corporation
Macro-Edge Techno-Solutions, Inc.
Quadratic Industrial Sales, Inc.
Arch. Jonathan O. Gan + Associates
C.C. Gagan Construction
Eton Properties Philippines, Inc.
M.F. Salioa Architectural Services
J. Paul Octaviano & Associates
Bread of Life Ministries Inc. (Crossroad Properties)
Sitel Philippines Corporation
Telco Services Internation Pty Ltd. (TSI)

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